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Xiaomi officially secured the bootloader by reasoned to boost security system. Of course not all apparatus, just the most recent. The effect, we can no longer flash apparatus through fastboot.

Occasionally special tools are needed. Type the following command Which is given below to check whether the smartphone is connected or not. This method is helpful for those users who are unable to boot into EDL mode via adb procedure [method 01], simply because your device is soft bricked or may be other reason.

On that condition use this method to enter into EDL mode through fastboot mode control. You will see files extracted there. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone in Fastboot Mode. To do this Turn off your Smartphone first. Now, Double click or run the edl. This was the process to boot into your apparatus in Emergency Download Mode on Xiaomi devices. This method is working for every Qualcomm devices.

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Hence, you may use this method on the other devices running on Qualcomm Chipset. Post Contents. About The Author Xiaomi Geek. Related Articles. Join The Discussion Cancel reply.Posting Komentar Thank you for reading the article in this post. We hope you can leave comments about this post, so that it will be an evaluation material for us to make a better article for the future.

Report if there is an inactive link by commenting, we will immediately make improvements to the link. To enter EDL Mode on Xiaomi device, there are some requirements that you need to do first, remembering because there are several ways you can do to get into that mode. After you have completed all the necessary requirements above, then now you can do the ways that will be discussed below:. If you have already done so, then you can follow the following steps:.

If you have installed USB Driver Xiaomibut your Xiaomi device still can not connect to your computer then you need to do " Disable Driver Signature Enforcement " on Windows operating system you use.

This second way is almost the same as the first way above because both use Fastboot, but this way has its own Trick. This last way is usually used to go into EDL Mode Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, I do not know if this works for other Xiaomi devices, but you have the right to try if you want to know the result, because this way will not negatively impact Xiaomi device you. If this last way does not work for your Xiaomi device, then I have no other way to give it to you.

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xiaomi fastboot to edl mode download

About Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer.Hi Guys, I am back again with another simple tutorial for the advanced Xiaomi users. There is no need of Deep Flashing cable and all those stuff. It is the Special Mode to granting the higher level of access to the smartphone on your Smartphone.

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You will be reboot into EDL Mode with a blank screen. You will see files extracted there. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone in Fastboot Mode. To do this Switch off your Smartphone first. You are in the Fastboot Mode now. Now, Double click or run the edl.

This method is working for every Qualcomm devices. Hence, You can use this method on the other devices running on Qualcomm Chipset.

My readmi 4x is in bootloop.

How to Boot Xiaomi Phones into EDL Mode (2 Ways) | Feb 2021

I did method 2 and it goes into edl for a second and then it goes into bootloop again………halp please?!?!?!?!?! I have the same issue. The phone views a black screen after fastboot edl.

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Seconds after the that the phone reboot and is in a boot loop. The phone is a mi mix 2 with global dev rom. Is in a boot loop after choice language and country.

My mobile is stuck in mi start logo screen. Now main aim is get back the data what steps should i follow. Currently by clicking emd.

Tell me your device model i will help you further in this case. I have a Redmi 3S that is stuck in a bootloop and I would love to recover my data since my backup is out dated. I read a lot in the last two days and I am only getting more confused. Since my Bottloader is looked I got the advise to unlock it to be able to flash it.

Could you help me out please? I have a mix 3 stuck at your system has been destroyed. Your method does not boot my phone in to EDL mode. Bootloader cannot be unlocked because i flashed a fresh rom before that and no account associated inside the debugging.

Also, no recovery available. Only fastboot and unable to boot in EDL to flash. What are you trying to do bro? Hi, I have the same issue. Fast boot and recovery mode are available.

Hi SachinMy mobile is stuck in mi start logo screen. Hey Sachin, I have a Redmi 3S that is stuck in a bootloop and I would love to recover my data since my backup is out dated.Forums New posts Search forums.

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How to use EDL (Download Mode) on Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X

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Thread starter David22 Start date Jan 2, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. David22 Members. Nov 12, 42 Except that I can use fastboot mode only with unlocked bootloader. I want only flash an official ROM. So which mode makes the phone more "original" status? Now I'm on xiaomi. I know, I asked it in official MIUI forum too, but there was a lot of spam because of the kernel source and nobody seen it.

Nov 11, Reactions: Hari Priyanto.

Fastboot Flash any Xiaomi Phone with Lock Bootloader

Feb 11, 10, Flashing in EDL mode is more dangerous as thats doing repartition and can break storage if something goes wrong. Installing via Fastboot is more safe method but you need unlocked bootloader Reactions: Jaime DLH and alan0ford. Thank you. Ocqankyu Members. Jul 6, 13 In my opinionthere's no difference. You must log in or register to reply here.

Top Bottom.Did you bricked your Xiaomi MI 10? Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi MI 10 a few years ago in the global smartphone market, and a few days back team win recovery project created the twrp for Xiaomi MI Xiaomi featured a more developer-friendly option than other bands.

However some ROM and mod not secure for your device. This incorrect process may brick your device. With mi flashtool, user can Upgrade or Downgrade Firmware. After launching the device already many customizations is available for Xiaomi MI Honestly, most device can be unbricked and work well as before, so follow this guide to repair dead Xiaomi MI This process is done with the official Mi Flash tool it makes recover your device easier way.

xiaomi fastboot to edl mode download

A bricked device that does not start properly or stuck in boot screen or nothing show on your screen black screen. Now download and unzip fastboot ROM for your device from the download section. First, extract the tar file then unzip the fastboot rom with 7zip. When device id is showing on Xiaomi flash tool click flash to start flashing.Emergency downloading mode or mode is extremely important to unbrick Qualcomm MI 10i mobile.

There could also be a condition when your Xiaomi Mi 10i device was in boot loop condition or bricked, but the bootloader has not been still unlocked. This condition will force you to use the Test Point process. EDL mode may be a Qualcomm enabled feature, that's useful to unbrick device, unlock bootloader or modify protected device parameters.

However, not all Qualcomm-based devices support it. If you're a replacement bie user then probably EDL mode could also be a new word for you. But if you're involved in rooting and flashing firmware then absolutely not.

In short, EDL mode is additionally referred to as an emergency mode for mobile. Technically all the Xiaomi devices accompany the EDL mode option. If you would like to put in or update your own Xiaomi phone then you've got many options to flash new stock ROM on the device using Recovery Mode or using fast boot mode.

xiaomi fastboot to edl mode download

Once you're ready to remove the back cover, disconnect the battery connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode. And you'll use them to put in the firmware on Xiaomi Mi 10i without unlocking the bootloader. So guys this is often all about Xiaomi Mi 10i emergency downloading mode or edl mode.

Now you'll find the Xiaomi Mi 10i test points easily. Install stock ROM easily, if the device isn't ready to boot into fastboot mode or the device stuck on the Nokia logo. But EDL booting process could also be different for various devices.

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xiaomi fastboot to edl mode download

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